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Diametra Hormones Control Plus

DESCRIPTION Diametra Hormones Control Plus

Diametra Hormone Control Plus kit provides reagents for the quality control of performance of ELISA assays in the lab, used for clinical study on patients.

3 levels for 31 analytes.

The use of such controls is used in the assessment of precision of method and technology used, and it is part of good laboratory practice. Three control levels are provided to guarantee a control over all the clinical range of analysis. The product is human serum based, is lyophilized, and contains preservatives.

The Controls can be used on the majority of Diametra's kits (please verify the kits and he range of acceptability on the Certificate of Analysis). For parameters such as volumes, temperature, timing, refer to the Instruction of Use of the kit.

The assigned values are stated on the Certificate of Analysis. The values are the final result of an analysis in replicate and are lot-specific. The average of the obtained data must meet the range of acceptability. The average values may vary slightly depending on the population under investigation.

1 x 3 x 3 mL

Download DCM156-1 IFU Diametra hormone control plus.pdf
Certificate of Analysys.pdf

Diametra Hormones Control Plus  - Controls

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