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Prodotti per il mercato Italiano
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Hypertension / Calcium Metabolism
Autoimmune Diseases
Diabetes Monitoring
Tumor Markers
Steroids Hormones
Fertility Proteic Hormones
Thyroid Monitoring
Circulating Immuno Complexes
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About us

Mission statement
Diametra is dedicated to providing quality products and the highest level of service in its target diagnostics segments. Through innovation and total commitment we strive to create value for our people, our customers and for the shareholders.

As an organization we constantly strive for innovation, not simply in the products we bring to the market but also in the way we interact with our customers and with each other. This is grounded in our solution driven approach to partnership.

Our reputation is founded on the trust that you place in our products. We always ensure that this is reciprocated through the reliability of our offering which is reinforced by the knowledge and experience of our people.

We are a caring, responsible organization, committed to our people, our customers and our suppliers. With our extensive experience in the diagnostics industry we have developed a solid understanding of the needs of our partners.

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