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Quantidex Pan Cancer Kit

Quantidex Pan Cancer Kit

CODE 49560
DESCRIPTION Quantidex Pan Cancer Kit


Multiplexed profiling of the most clinically relevant* mutations in a wide range of human cancers with high performance in low quality/quantity samples

Designed & optimized for rapid deployment, regardless of NGS experience or knowledge-level

A comprehensive workflow, containing all elements for ready-to-go Illumina sequencing, including sample QC, library prep, clean up and quantification

Leverages Asuragen’s integrated analytics and reporting suite, The QuantideX® Reporter providing a straight forward sample-to-answer solution for Asuragen NGS panels


Product description:

The QuantideX® Pan Cancer Kit* is a next-generation sequencing (NGS) based workflow that incorporates both a multiplexed, gene specific PCR panel as well as supporting workflow elements, including the analytical and reporting features within one comprehensive kit. The kit, interrogates 46 gene regions (amplicons) within 21 genes, deemed to be of high clinical significance and potentially actionable* content in various human cancers. The scope of variants reported by the panel include >1,600 known COSMIC variants, including single nucleotide variants (SNVs), insertions-deletions (indels), and structural rearrangements targeted by the panel. A comprehensive NGS workflow, the kit includes all necessary reagents for pre-analytical DNA QC/quantification, gene specific PCR, library purification and quantification for sequencing with the Illumina chemistry. The modular kit design, comprising all necessary library preparation reagents and an easy-to-use push button analysis and reporting tool provide an “NGS-in-a-box” solution, tailored to researchers wishing to adopt an NGS-based test with minimal startup costs and without prior experience.

The Most Clinically-Relevant* Gene Content
21 genes, 46 gene regions of current and emerging targets of clinical significance in human cancer.

*For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

Kit Components and Descriptions

The kit includes the QuantideX® DNA Assay for QC, targeted enrichment, positive controls, index codes, library purification, library quantification, and an easy-to-use bioinformatics solution integrated within a combined into a simple workflow. Kit components include:

QuantideX® DNA Assay- For sample QC and quantification, measure PCR-amplifiable DNA and discover inhibition, guiding smarter sample input. Functional copy number data is later integrated into the variant reporting software, providing sample-awareness that dramatically increases call accuracy.

QuantideX® Pan Cancer Panel- Gene content selected for clinical relevance* NCCN guidelines. Reliably sequence low quantity FFPE/FNA samples with as little as 10ng of DNA input. Built-in controls including a true FFPE tumor control are included with the kit.

QuantideX® Codes- The kit comes equipped with dual-index barcodes, ready to use. The index codes are pre-formulated with other primers to support simple master mix preparation and sample labeling integrity. Also included, custom sequencing primers and diluent to support MiSeq™ analysis.

QuantideX® Library Pure Prep- The kit integrates library purification reagents that provide size selection using IP magnetic bead chemistry for reliable library quality.

QuantideX® Library Quant- Includes library quantification reagents enable accurate assessment of purified libraries using a calibration-curve free method based on competitive quantitative PCR.

QuantideX® Reporter-The sample-to-answer data analytics and reporting suite delivers efficient, annotated variant analysis without the heavy investment in bioinformatics infrastructure and expertise. 





  1. Functional DNA quantification guides accurate next-generation sequencing mutation detection in formalin-fixed, paraffin-embedded tumor biopsies. Sah et al. Genome Med 2013;5(8):77
  2. Evaluation of an integrated clinical workflow for targeted next-generation sequencing of low-quality tumor DNA using a 51-gene enrichment panel. Choudhary et al. BMC Med Genomics (in press)

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